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Love in a Web of Intrigue

Author of Romantic Suspense

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Dillon Johnson is reeling from the death of his beloved stepmother Paula. When her will is read, he finds she has not only had a daughter, he knew nothing about, but also gave her up for adoption. Paula’s will had left a bequest to this young woman, Carly James.Carly, upon receiving word of the bequest, travels from Oregon to Dillon’s remote Nebraska ranch to learn more about her birth mother. Upon meeting, they experience an intense attraction toward one another. As they become acquainted, however, strange men threaten them and bring violence into their lives. It all seems to be connected to Paula’s journals. But why?

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From memories of growing up in the Nebraska Sandhills to entertaining tales to hair-raising exploits. Find it all in Jacki’s Blog!

From Dangerous Revelations

How many people had he killed? Hell, Godfrey didn’t even know.

As spoken by the antagonist, Rev. Godfrey Gott

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